Do you know your donations can be used against yourself?

Did you ever audit your funding?

Do you realize how important is to select right organization for charity?

Did you ever try to re-confirm the authenticity of the organization taking your donation?



In Pakistan, over 500 Billion rupees is donated in name of Zakat and Sadqaat yearly which is 3% of country’s GDP, and this among the highest percentage in the world based on per capita income. .

With billions in financial transaction, it is no surprise that extremist and terrorist groups try to exploit these practices to fund their activities. Unfortunately, it is a fact the some charity organizations have been used as fronts for extremist and terrorist outfits. Haq, Haqdaar Tak raises awareness amongst the masses about this threat. The campaign puts focus on public awareness of the dangers of inadvertently funding charities that sponsor homegrown extremism and terrorism in Pakistan.

The highest level of donations are given in the holy month of Ramadan, which accounts for 70 – 80% of overall charity and the following holy days of Eid, Eid-ul Fit and Eid-ul Azha. People need to be specially cautious about who they give their charity to at this time as terrorist extremist outfits see this time as a lucrative opportunity to deceive the public into providing donations in the guise of development work..

We hope that Pakistanis will provide their donations to trustworthy registered organizations with an implementation record in welfare development. Rather than funding extremism and terrorism, we are encouraging people to give towards the victims and survivors of violent attacks.

Haq, Haqdaar Tak is an attempt to encourage the public to become more vigilant and attentive while donating.