Selecting a Charity

It is important that we give donations to trustworthy organizations which have a stellar record in social welfare and development activities. By supporting reputed organizations working for the welfare of people, we can bring about a positive change in our society. Those who exploit the people under the garb of dubious charity organizations are in fact taking away the due benefits of the special persons, children and terrorism affectees, who deserve and need our assistance.

We have to be vigilant while giving donation, we can easily identify the reputed welfare organisations by asking some of the following questions but not limited to these:

Is it a registered organisation with the relevant department of government of Pakistan?

What does exactly the welfare organisation will do with your money?

What is the reputation of the organisation in the society specially among your friends and family?

If it’s possible, please visit the organisation and see its work yourself.

For the list of credible charity organisations, which are registered and approved by the Government of Pakistan, please visit the official website of National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA). 

Identifying the Deserving people

Charity or Atiyaat is the right of the deserving. This is the rationale of charity giving and it is in accordance with the teachings of our religion. Before you donate charity, you must practice due diligence to check whether the person to whom you give charity deserves or not. Because there are black sheep in our society which collect donations by disguising common people, as a result the actual needy remains neglected and money goes into the wrong hands. We have to be more vigilant while giving charity because number of dubious organizations are collecting money and misusing it. It is our national and religious duty to ensure that our charity in any form (money or kind) reaches to those who deserve.

As our religion teaches us that charity begins from home so we should identify those individuals in our family, close relatives and in our neighbourhood, who needs our attention in terms of financial or in-kind assistance. This practice will not only help the deserving people, but will also discourage the misuse of charity and donations.

AML/CFT – Why Does it matters?

Pakistan has designed and implemented AML/CFT rules and regulation to prevent, identify, report and investigate money laundering and terrorist financing. The anti-money laundering (AML) and countering financing terrorism (CFT) legislations seek to educate general public on the danger of money laundering and terrorist financing and also to have global confidence in country’s financial systems.

Money is one of primary reason which tempts to any type of criminal activity. Through money laundering, the criminals conceal the illegal origins of their wealth and to protect the roots of their assets, so that they do not come under the radar of law enforcement agencies and also to avert giving a trail of convicting proof. Pakistan’s anti-money laundering regime is in place to protect the integrity of the domestic and international financial systems.

Terrorists and terrorist organizations requires resources (mostly in the form of black money) to carry out their heinous crimes. Terrorists gather money from many illegal sources, which includes collection of charities as well. Generally, terrorists are not very concerned of concealing the origin of money but of its destination and the purpose for which it has been collected. Terrorists and terrorist organizations therefore employ techniques similar to those used by money launderers to hide their money. Pakistan’s counter terrorist financing system works to protect the public in concert with the regimes for United Nations and Pakistani targeted financial sanctions.

For more details, please visit the website of FBR: